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My name is Justin Rae, I began taking pictures of landscapes while I was young while accompanying my Dad on backpacking and hiking adventures. After the advent of digital cameras I purchases a small Point and Shoot Canon SD450 in November of 2005 for a snowboarding trip in Colorado. As time progressed and I took more and more pictures where ever I'd go I started to notice pictures getting better and better content. Then I started to learn how to use the manual features on my camera to get a better shot of the content and subject of the photos. This pocket sized camera went everywhere with me. Literally. I purchased an underwater enclosure in 2007 and had no fear taking it anywhere I went whether it was the beach, the tops of mountains at 13,000 ft. or the depths of the ocean around 60+ ft. below. This camera accompanied myself and all the adventures of J Squared for 4 years and hundreds of diving expeditions. In September 2009 on a dive trip to Gennie Springs Florida condensation built up inside the underwater housing and zapped the camera. For the next couple months I borrowed a Canon Powershot A1100. In November of 2009 I purchased the Canon Rebel T1i kit and addition 250mm lens. The increased power and ability to get the shot I want and could never get with a point and shoot is amazing! In December 2013 I purchased the Canon 6D with a full frame and built in GPS feature for a trip to New Zealand.

I currently own and operate my own small business providing business consulting services specifically data analysis, learn more about my business ventures at

Those local to Salt Lake City can buy custom frames and see my work on display at the 27th Street Gallery on the corner of 2700 S and West Temple.



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